Essentially Minerals and Benefits to Skin

The Earth provides many benefits for us, including many essential minerals for our skincare and beauty.

Unless you have been living under a rock, the wave of beauty trends and products that have flooded our media avenues is unrivaled! There hasn’t been a time in history where beauty-related information was so readily and easily available to the public, through mediums such as YouTube.

Of all the beauty concerns over the years, skincare has reigned supreme. Women are always looking for ways to achieve brighter, smoother, softer, healthier skin. Such a ravenous need lends itself to the popularity of different products in the market; masks, creams, and lotions that claim to do magical things to our skin. What is in these products?

Among a few other things that comprise these products, minerals are the real magic. Minerals are essential for some bodily functions, but we’re going to focus on which minerals provide the best skincare benefits. Unlike vitamins, minerals are inorganic and are not broken down, they retain their chemical structure. Undoubtedly, the mineral that tops the list as the most essential for skin is zinc. Its properties help repair skin from UV damage, the biggest concern for healthy skin. A lot of sunscreens are zinc-based and provide excellent protection from damaging UV rays.

Studies have also shown that people with acne have a lower level of zinc in their bodies, this makes sense – zinc helps in controlling hormones that cause acne, as well as the production of oil. Zinc is best absorbed through animal products (liver, beef, lamb etc), so load up on that steak! Some other minerals that make it to the top of the list are copper, sulfur and selenium. Copper promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which give the skin its strength and elasticity.

A lot of products claim to provide the benefits of collagen and elastin, but perhaps
chewing on some sunflower seeds or cooking up some mushrooms (both excellent
sources of copper) might be the answer you are looking for. These essential minerals can take years off someone’s face if incorporated in a diet, along with a healthy lifestyle. So before reaching for that cream on the shelf, consider making a trip to the grocery store.