About Us


The typical girl is a hairless supermodel riding a white horse down a sandy beach. Said every ad ever.

Girls grow hair. There, we said it. gasp

We're already expected to be the perfect girlfriend, wife, mother, nutritionist, yogi, business woman, presidential candidate, and to top it off, we're supposed to be perfectly pruned all of the time.

We'd had enough. So we established the Smooth Republic to wrangle back control to start the women's hair removal revolution and make your life that little bit, ahem, smoother.

Affordable. Luxury. Delivered to your door.


Our mission is to make your life easier. Simply put, we deliver luxury hair removal products to your door every month.

No more overpaying for brand name products, we offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

The products are conveniently delivered to your door monthly so there is always some there when you need it most

Our products are offered individually or in bundles, tailored to your needs.

Our razors are manufactured in Germany, where with the perfect temperature we create the highest qualities blade for a smooth shave.

We celebrate puting hair removal back in your hands.


It's a women state in which the power is held by you. We are not about superficial advice or brainwash, we are about being real. We are a bunch that cares about what keeps us healthy and happy in life.

Join us if you are a like-minded woman, who is looking to thrive in life but also with their feet on the ground, and without hair ;)

Be true to yourself, that is powerful, that is confidence. In the meantime, we will deliver smoothness to your door. Subscribe to the Revolution! AND LIVE THE SMOOTH LIFE

THE SMOOTH LIFE – What is it

Our mission goes beyond our products and offering. We want to inspire each and every woman to make the most of life.

A smooth life is living a life you love. Living fully in the present, where life is happening.

Love yourself, eat clean, move your body, have fun, keep learning and never give up. Problems will arise, but it is all a matter of perspective.

We believe we can contribute, at least just a little bit, with each and every one of you. To have an impact on not only on your physical well-being, but also your emotional and internal being.

‘The Smooth Life’ - What our Smooth Girls, like you, had to say:

“Is to be and feel good with everything that surrounds  and everything you do. Fight for your dreams and never stop having them”. Cata Trechswjakow

“Smooth life is always forgiving ourselves, always loving ourselves and always trying to find the silver lining in all situations”. Emma Anderson

“For me it s to be happy with who u r and what u do!”. Sabri Abduch

“Smooth life is when everything is going good, without barrier or stress. When you feel that everything around you is working as you are expecting :)”  . Cristiane Ueda

"A Smooth Life is to be surrounded by love, experiences and other people.This not only open our minds, but helps us not to judge and instead put in another's shoes before speaking. That is why listening, feeling and loving e what I call A soft life.Respect and love basically”. Valeria Allende

“Being in the flow, balanced having enough time and energy to feel calm but invigorated”. Miranda Grant

“Family harmony”. Mary Ord

“Do not overthink, start giving thanks you get up every morning and you can open our eyes, move your arms and legs.. Valuing that, the perception on the rest will surely be more positive. The most important thing to enjoy is the love you give and receive!”. Lay Blanga